One also notice the complete absence of white rice, white bread, potatoes, and refined sugar – such staple diets of the industrial and commercial world – a precarious route but highly courageous and should be encouraged. One can also see NQ's big effort on the desserts and drinks section making it as wholesome and nutritious as possible, with little compromise. My cousin Charles would be quite chuff with this lot.

I must say, I do believe in their path and can confidently see the thoughtfulness and efforts applie d in the sharing of the journey. It would seem that things are not always per fect at NQ but you can really sense a strong feel of togetherness and love in their about way of doing things. For this I can be forgiving for any adverse doings on their part. I think NQ is really making a real statement here about the necessity of having "sovereignty with our every morsel". Oh I do so like the sound of that sovereignty bit, don't you! Anyway, I do hope they stay strong and continue to be creative for they seem to be a humble operation with a strong design to be inspired by this 'love, affection and awesomeness' thing, seeing themselves as the conduit of the flow on -through effects of aspiring the same, and of all things beautiful and nourishing. Things that can touch and transcend many generations and, those beyond. How awfully wicked!

It is unusual but rather pleasant to see that NQ observe the practice of humility and doesn't seem to claim
ownership of things, as they tend to have the belief that all things are interconnected and sacred. For they
envisaged that life is like a river with no ends and no beginnings, just constant flows of ups and downs appearing
and disappearing and at times stillness. It is during these periods of such stillness that they believe things can be seen much clearer, like the state of your body, mind and soul. So when one eats and drinks, one must need to ask oneself, what we are doing it for and how we should be doing it could be a rather essential aspect to maintain wellness with nature's way and doing so responsibly. But for now, I do kindly request for you to go easy on the popular pretty dumplings so that enough is retained for my nourishment should I again frequent your shore for another visit to this loving quarter.

May you and your family be well or bnourished as NQ would have it.