Reconnect to valued traditions, the here and now, to those we love, to the land, the wisdom from eons past of those who have come before and understand the interconnectedness and sacredness of all things. Things that we now “(re)discover” and term as organic, holistic and sustainable are actually fundamental practices of yesteryears, lost and forgotten over time……(please explain! Well, not so long ago, it used to be called, nature’s way, consideration, and simply responsibility). Let’s make the ethereal real!
PS. It’s been reported that Team NQ have still been seen eating Humble Pie to practice the art of humility, nurturing and awesomeness.

Heal our ancient and sorrowed souls, that have so often been left to wander about aimlessly becoming lost within ourselves in the wilderness of busy lives which are subjected to uncompromising levels of hardship and adversity. We simply have lost, at times, the art of knowing what we are eating or drinking,or for that matter, even finding the time to simply share the nourishment of life. To sustain our daily existence with loved ones and, maybe, just maybe have a chance also, to say sorry, if needs be (please explain! Oh come on, do we not all come from dysfunctional families/communities?! So what better time to do so than over nourishing dinners.Please proceed!) It’s all quite politically correct.
PS. Some have sighted Team NQ still watching life’s Discovery Channel for inspirations – no, this is not an advertisement for pay TV, ‘trust us’….we are friends of people in Canberra!

Nourish our body and mind with nature’s ways, for she is beautiful and awesome, providing us with boundless love and nutriments. Mindful of the imprints we can make even with one simple morsel, we need to take good care of her, for if she is no longer, nor are we! (Please explain! What is there to explain – it’s blooming obvious).  So bnourished, or be square.
PS. It’s understood that Team NQ is still endeavouring to feed people who are moving forward (pollies included), models, athletes, and charming wannabes, with nourishing foods.

Flourish, one must! For are we not all ancient souls on a journey looking for love, affection and awesomeness?! It is the least we could do to honour the past, present and the tomorrows; reach out and maintain connection with all in the ten directions, leaving no stones unturned for some places the sun never came (please explain? OK, we really have to start charging now, serious).  This is scary! It sounds biblical.
PS. Team NQ has frequently been spotted wandering in forestland along the Old Path and Nourishing Grail, forever harvesting magical wonderments…occasionally, accompanied by druid-like figures Brrrrrrrr! Holy mackerel! ………………Oh no, no no! We only do plant-based here, sorry.... very healing, very medicinal, you like!...

Asterix?Obelix?where are you? …Wait, we are coming!....we are coming!